I’ve got my kid on a string…

In 2 days, my oldest will no longer be in elementary school.


For some reason, some twit thought it would be funny to have Jr. High start (in our district) in 6th grade.

As if kids don’t grow up fast enough, let’s throw an 11 year old into Jr. High.  I know its just a label, but I look at it this way: in elementary school, they’re learning the basics to proceed.  In Jr. High, they’re getting them ready for high school and higher education.

My son thinks its hilarious to listen to someone spell ‘icup’- you’re telling me HE is ready to be prepped for higher learning??

I’m already having a hard time explaining to him that he’s too young for girlfriends- whats going to happen when he’s trying to fit in with older kids at this new school?  Everyone worries about their daughters and them growing up too fast; no one stops to think about how fast boys grow up. A girl can only carry so many babies at once- boys can impregnate multiple girls.

I try to remind myself that all we’ve taught them will stick and they’ll emerge unscathed, but I’ve tried repeatedly to teach them that poop jokes aren’t to be told at the dinner table, and all I ever hear is “I forgot.”  How much of what we teach will stick in the times we need it to?  How much of what we teach will be “forgotten” when faced with the opportunity to be “cool”?

As a parent, we want our kids to grow wings- to grow up, experience new things, and -God willing- move out before our sanity completely dissolves.  Its just kind of scary to watch it happen.

I’m not suggesting lead shoes to keep him grounded… maybe just a kite string for if he flies to far out of reach, ya know?

6 thoughts on “I’ve got my kid on a string…”

  1. I felt the same way last year as our oldest was leaving elementary school for the bigger pong of middle shcool, and yes it completly freaked me out that middle school starts at 6th grade, although we should probaly consider oursleves lucky, because on Saturday someone told me their district starts middle school at 5th grade (that was enough to make me want to faint, 5th graders with 8th graders!!!) As a one year vetran of middle school I can tell you that both my son, my husband and I not only survived, but thrived!!! Tom realy loves middle school and the 6th graders were really babied and protected yet were allowed to spread their wings. Now I'm nervous about 7th grade, but, I'm just going to hold my nose and jump in (not that I have ANY choice in the matter) Hang in there, as they say, if I can do it, anyone can!!! Congratulations on joining the club!!!! Thanks for a great post!!

  2. As a former middle school teacher (we had 6th graders in our building as well) I can tell you that, at least in the schools I've worked in, they are sheltered (for lack of a better term) from the "older kids."Good luck! I too worry about those same struggles and my kids are only 2 and 3. They seem so rowdy and loud (compared to my neices)it just makes me nervous!!!Keep the faith and keep teaching those lessons!!!

  3. I can't imagine that day of letting go, though I know it will come soon enough. Also I LOVED your post about the moms who feel the need to one-up each other and declare their children to be baby geniuses. I've written about that before too, it drives me up the wall.I gave you a Versatile Blogger award on my blog, stop by sometime if you like! http://www.mynewheartbeat.com

  4. Kathy, that would freak me out, too. I'm sweating it starting in 6th grade!S. Greiner- I really hope you're right. I hope they baby the younger kids, although, I've heard far too much about this school he'll be attending, and I'm not happy about it as it is. If things go as I fear they might, I'll probably be joining the homeschooling crowd.Katie- I['m so glad you enjoy my writing!!! Thank you so much for your kind words!And thanks, Kim and Lisa, for the words of encouragement! I look forward to letting you all know how it goes!

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