Tasty Tuesday #2- Smothered Steak

I’ve said it before- its kind of the motto of my life- but I’m always on the go.  Sometimes -by the time we get home and get dinner started- its well past when we should be eating, and if its TOO late, we end up spending money on yet another meal of take out.  Meals like this week’s featured meal are my go-to meals when I know that we’re likely to be gone for any length of time.

There’s really nothing about this meal that is really difficult, and in the end, it comes out great.  It just takes a few minutes to prep, and by the time you’re ready for dinner, its ready for you.

Smothered Steak
2 lbs cube steak
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can (4 oz) sliced mushrooms
2 med. onions cut into half moon slices
1 envelope Lipton onion soup mix
1 tbsp dried parsley
salt (about a tsp spoon)
pepper (about the same)
a couple tbsp flour for dusting
Combine pepper, parsley, salt, and flour.  Lightly dredge the cube steak in the flour mixture.  It doesn’t need to be caked on- you aren’t doing this to make some sort of crust.  If you put too much on, it will just make it gummy once its cooked.
Add the half moon slices from one of the onions on the bottom of the slow cooker.  Place steak in slow cooker on top of the onion.  Place the rest of the onion on top of the cube steak.
Combine the remaining ingredients and pour over the steak and onions.
Cover and cook on LOW for 6 or so hours- until it becomes super tender.  If you try to pull a piece off and it doesn’t tear easily, leave it in til its ready.  You can do it on HI in a pinch, but I recommend you try to plan ahead enough so you can always put it on LOW.
We’ve served it with rice when mashed potatoes would take too long, but -let’s face it- mashed tators are AMAZING with anything that has a gravy.

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