Paybacks are wet and furry

Oh gosh- get your heads out of the gutter, lol.

Today was one of those days where its so peaceful-

you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I sat on the couch, working on my laptop, listening to laughter coming from the boys’ room.  It started as giggling and I couldn’t help but think,”This is the life.”

When the laughter grew louder, I smiled a little bigger,”Finally!  They aren’t fighting!”

A few moments later, the laughter increased, reached a higher pitch, and was accompanied by a spitting sound.  Reluctantly, I got up to investigate.

There they were- my sweet, two youngest offspring… and the cat.

And so went the following conversation:

Me: (extreme trepidation in voice) “What’s going on in here?”

Jacob: (still laughing hard) “Nicholas stuck out his tongue and licked me!”

Me: “And it made you BOTH crack up?”

Jacob: (laughing harder) “He’s laughing because I licked him back!”

Me: “So, why is he spitting now?”

Jacob: (laughing so hard I thought he’d throw up) “Stever came into the room-” (busting up now)

Me: “Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah…?”

Jacob: (practically peeing his pants) “Nicholas licked STEVER!”

Nicholas: (pointing to Stever) “Ki Ki!”

(Not the Mini Master OBVIOUSLY.  This is a girl.  And she doesn’t appear to be spitting out cat fur.)

(And not Stever.  I just liked this pic I found.)

I learned a few things at that moment:

  • Stever is a VERY loved cat.
  • Boys will never just “let something go”- lick them and they’ll lick you back.
  • I really need to start kissing my boys on their foreheads because I’m starting to see where their mouths have been.

6 thoughts on “Paybacks are wet and furry”

  1. Hi! Stopping by from SITS! I see you love coffee as much as I do (I don’t think moms have a choice though! LOL!) I am looking forward to reading some more… following you now! 😉


  2. Well, first of all, I LOVED reading your recent blogs. I had been laying on my side reading away (while listening to Tony snore his head off), that my hand went numb from supporting my head. So I figured Id sit up and let the blood flow back.

    I must say, Stever really seemed to take a shine to me whenever I was sitting on the couch. However, he did run away if I didn’t pet him or anything. 😦 Maybe it was just purely because I didn’t lick him… I fully understand now 😛

    You’ve definitely done a great job with your blog. Keep up the ramblings, I’ll be sure to drop by every now and then to take a sticky-beak and have a laugh. 🙂
    Miss you guys heaps!

    — Mardi

    1. Yeah, the fact that you didn’t lick him was probably the problem. ;-D You’ll have to remedy that when you come back to California, lol. Miss you too! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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