Happy SITS Day to me!!

Its my SITS day!!  Yay me!  You have NO idea how excited I am about this!

…Aaaaaaand you also might have NO idea what in the WORLD I’m talking about, lol, so let me bring you up to speed:

SITS is an amazing community with 40,000+ awesome women bloggers who support each other through comments, bloggy learning opportunities, and wonderful forums where you can REALLY get to know each other.  Wanna learn more?  I know everyone would LOVE to have you stop by, so go check SITS out!

If you’re new here, you might be wondering who I am, so let me introduce myself.  I’m Amber- the self proclaimed SortaSuperMom and co-Mayor of Boystown.  I’m an outgoing, future-chef hopeful that’s been having a love affair with coffee for years.  I’m girly and nutty and SO not grammatically correct, but -around here?- that’s the perfect combination for survival.  I’m the SAHM of 3 Natural Disasters (boys…whatever) and 2 angels, and while it might SEEM simple, if you read HERE, you’ll see just how extensive my job actually is.

My blog is ABOUT my life with the Disasters, so its just LIKE my life- there’s no THEME.  I write because its therapeutic- I’m able to re-read what I’ve written and laugh at the crazy instead of being consumed by it.  Sometimes that means discussing recipes I’ve tried; sometimes it means doing a devotional to remind me WHO is actually in charge; and sometimes it just means venting.  So, while Boystown might LOOK chaotic to the average viewer, there IS a method to the madness…I swear.

If you’ve been here before, I’m glad you’re back, and if you’re visiting Boystown for the first time, allow me to give you a road map to some of my favorite haunts:

~A post I wrote on the 2 year anniversary of losing my first angel baby.

~A little something about how -no matter what I am- I’ll NEVER be good at THIS.  It goes against the laws of nature.

~Ya know how I said I love to cook?  THIS is one of my FAVORITES.

Actually, I have quite a few posts I’m fond of, so if you want a bigger list, check out ‘Best of Boystown‘.

And if you’re looking for something to help that rumbly in the tumbly (Winnie the Pooh reference- sorry), check out some of Boystown’s fav RECIPES.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or wine- I like those, too), grab the road map, and hit up some of Boystown’s destinations.  I’m happy you stopped by!

48 thoughts on “Happy SITS Day to me!!”

  1. Stopping by from SITS…I really enjoyed reading your blog and love how you can keep a sense of humor while living with 3 “disasters”, I hope one day I can juggle everything like you can!

    1. “Juggling” is such a nice word. It makes it sound like a carefully orchestrated plan, lol. Thanks for stopping by- please feel free to stop back by anytime! I don;t get much “big people” time as a SAHM.

  2. Happy SITS Day. I am bookmarking this site, facebook following etc etc. I have one boy and I can already feel you will be a great resource. Have a wonderful Day.

    1. Wow. ME? A resource?? Cool. Although, I’m SLIGHTLY worried that you have too high of an opinion of “crazy”. 🙂 Just kidding. Feel free to stop by anytime to glean of my *ahem* wisdom. 😀 Thanks for visiting!

    1. My SITS day is being split up with having to dote on the Mini Master, but so far its TONS of fun. Being a SAHM, its rare that I get this much interaction with “big people” throughout the day, lol.

    1. Aw, thanks Jamie! Not sure if I qualify for Supermom status (I’m pretty sure she would have nerves of steel and I certainly feel mine crack from time to time), but I’m working on it daily. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by- you’re welcome in Boystown anytime!

    1. Eh- I’m late a LOT, lol. I’m just happy you stopped by! And considering that a single boy seems to be able to harness the power of generations of other males, I’m POSITIVE you could still relate, lol. One boy can STILL seem like 100- that’s how I felt when my oldest was born and for the first 6 years of his life, until our middle son was born. Now that we have the Mini Master, it seems like we have 3 of the same child, separated by just a few years each. :-/

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