About Me


I’m Amber- the self-proclaimed ‘SortaSuperMom’.  I knew I could never boast the title of ‘Supermom’- that title makes me tired just LOOKING at it- but ‘Sorta’, I can do.  I’m ‘sorta’ fast; ‘sorta’ powerful’- I’m ‘Sorta’ super.

And, in all honesty, ‘sorta’ is super enough.

In addition to being ‘SortaSuper’, I’m a 34 year old stay-at-home warden- I mean, mom – to 4 hooligans named Cameron (Camo), Jacob (Bug), Nicholas (The Mini Master), and Joseph (the Diapered Dictator or Hurdle jumper- the names are interchangeable).  Everyone has their own reasons as to why or why not to stay home with their kiddos.  For us, the idea came about during a hormonal breakdown while I was preggo with Bug and worried that my kids would turn into neglected mongrels and would require years of therapy to get over abandonment issues.

I admit- I went a little nuts.

In theory, it sounded like a great plan- I just didn’t realize what I was getting myself into until it was too late.  Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE my job- but, while the rest of the world gets to leave their job to go home, I’m at my job 24-7.  Writing keeps me sane.

Well, somewhat.

That and coffee.  Vast quantities of coffee.

I’m a major girlie girl, which is why I like to say that God must’ve been laughing hysterically when he gave me all boys.  Here I am, loving all things pink and sparkly, and God blesses me with a lifetime of poop jokes and sports/video game chatter.

See what I mean about God laughing?

Writing is a big part of who I am and it always has been.  I don’t write to please others- I write stuff that entertains ME.  If it has the bonus effect of making others laugh or what not, then all the better.

I usually write the way I talk, so if you see a lot of periods, commas, capital letters, dashes or exclamation points, its because -as I’m saying it in my head- it comes out that way in my writing.  I’m not exactly always grammatically correct, but if you’re reading me expecting perfection, you stumbled upon the wrong blog.

However, if you’re looking for a blog about an imperfect, SortaSuperMom, that doesn’t have it all figured out but likes to have fun while trying, then welcome to my world!  Grab a cup of coffee… or wine- I like that too… and hang out for a while.  You won’t find any themes to my writing, but you WILL find lots of humor, because if I didn’t laugh at the insanity, there’s a chance I could be consumed by it.

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