Blogs I LOVE…

In no particular order- and I update frequently because #1-I often find way cool blogs I hadn’t seen before and #2- blogs I already knew about escaped my brain because I quite possibly am losing my mind.

The Pioneer Woman: I’m not really sure how I survived before finding her recipes, wit, wisdom, and homeschooling advice, but I’m not sure I want to think too hard about it.

Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures: Holy…crap, lol.  This girl makes me crack up- partly because her drawing is as bad as mine and partly because, well, she’s hilarious.

The Dating Divas: Looking for a place to find some great ideas for romantic dates or ideas for ways to spice things up in your relationship?  Check these divas out!

Come Together Kids: Great ideas to entertain the kids, crafts to do with them, and some just plain neat ideas.

A Bloggy Mom: Tiffany Noth runs a site I’m fond of and frequent often (, but she’s more than just the owner of that site- she’s a great writer that I get a kick out of reading.

My Dishwasher’s Possessed!: How can you NOT love a blog with a name like that???  This gal is great- truly one of my favs and has been since I was just a wee little blog.

Moms Madhouse: Omg- I love her.  I have loved her from the first day that I read an entry by her and realized I wasn’t alone in the thinking that my smallish humans living with me were going to drive me to a mental institution long before I would qualify for nursing home living.  She makes me happy.

Real Army of Moms: Another REALLY great read.  Seriously- click on the link, it’ll open a new window for you (so you won’t even have to leave here if you’re lazy) and take a look.

Full of it:  Another blog I’ve loved since my baby blog days.  I used to reference her blog to help me figure out what a REAL blog should look like.

Cool Bean Mommas: An awesome international mama with a love of coffee and food. 🙂  See why I love her?

Insignificant at Best: She’s SO not insignificant.  She’s hedging on amazing with a glimmer of extraordinary.

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