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Let’s get crafty! Moody Monsters

This summer I’ve been doing my best to keep the Natural Disasters from, well, causing destruction.  At the beginning of this so called “vacation”, I sat down and devised a plan to do something -whether that’s a trip or a craft or just some sort of home-made fun- every single day.  There have been many moments in the past couple of weeks when I’ve caught my breath and thought to myself that I must be crazy, but, well, that KINDA goes without saying.  The fact is, though, I’ve kept these boys SO busy that they haven’t had a moment to even utter the words “I’m bored”.

Well, Camo has, but he’s a “pre-teen”.  A trip in a rocket orbiting the Earth would undoubtably be considered “boring” if it didn’t contain a PS3, a cell phone, and the internet, therefore, I will ignore him and continue to think I’m awesome for how much effort I’ve put into keeping them entertained.

Oddly, some of the more entertaining moments have come from the crafts I’ve had the Disasters do.  Its a lot like my regular day -I tell them what to do, give guidance and show them the path they should take, and then they do what they want.  Only, in the end, we have a little piece of art showing what happens when you do -or don’t- listen to mama.

And, because I like to capture life’s moments on camera, I take pictures of it all.


Moody Monsters

I’m not really sure where I first saw the idea for this, but I’m almost positive that their glossy photos of perfect creations (done by editors getting paid to do it) wouldn’t resemble our masterpieces, so that’s ok.  I couldn’t wait to try this with the Disasters, though, because I’m a big fan of projects in which I already have all the stuff I need.

Bug and Camo had a pretty good time gettin’ crafty- although, Camo asked why I had to document it all.  I made it clear that it was PURELY for future use- like when they have serious girlfriends and I want to show that there’s more to my boys than meets the eye.











One guess as to which one was Bug’s. 🙂


I decided that it looked like too much fun to be had without ME getting crafty, so I made my own.  I named him Mr. Awesome- because he is.

Bug was mighty impressed with Mr. Awesome’s colored physique, though, and wanted to make a new one, complete with colored torso, so the next day, he began a new Moody Monster.

Red, of course.  Well, it was a tad on the purple side, but don’t let him know that.

And after waiting a day for it to dry, he added the fun bits to make his creation come to life and- voila!- his new creation was complete.

I think this new guy needs dental work, but I must admit, it was a considerable improvement upon his last one.

And, of course, once his new guy was done, Bug declared that his monster and my monster were best buds, so he took them both and set them off on an adventure… but not before having me take a picture.







Want to make your own?  They’re super easy and will keep the kids entertained for at least a LITTLE bit.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)




Googly eyes

Chenille stems


You can even use beads for the monster’s hair or pennies (like Bug did) for the white part of the monster’s eyes.  The best part is, though, you can’t REALLY screw it up, so your “little monsters” (or Disasters) will have fun that doesn’t require extreme rules.

And I LOVE to see others’ creations, so if you try this, let me know- I’d LOVE to see how yours turned out!

Have fun!