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Tasty Tuesday: Spanish Rice

Ok, no more stalling.  I told you last week and the week before that I’d give you a great recipe for Spanish Rice, so here ya go.

I’m kinda excited to share this recipe.  Its not very often that you’re given a fantastic recipe that has been passed down through the years, and yet, hasn’t been messed with.  This dish is found at EVERY Christmas gathering I’ve spent with my husband’s family, and its the reason I went on a quest to find the best Spanish rice for a meal I was making a while back.  Funny thing, though, none of the dishes came out right until I finally asked about this recipe.  I made this the first time, and I knew there was something special about it.  I shouldn’t be surprised- there was something special about the man it originated from.

When I got this recipe (via my sister in law who got it from our late grampa in law), she had just forwarded the email he’d sent to her.  In it, he said that the recipe was over 100 years old, and during hard times, they had used water instead of chicken broth.  Since I LOVE recipes with a little bit of history (Aren’t you proud, dad?  I’m fond of SOME sort of history!), I’m going to post the recipe as it was given to me.

Of course, since I’m also a bit on the wild side, I’ll let you know of the few changes I made. 🙂

Now, like I’ve said before, I get it- making things from scratch is time consuming and not always cost effective.  On the plus side, though, its usually healthier (at least, when someone besides ME is making it. 🙂 ), and you can pat yourself on the back in knowing that you put more love into your family’s meal than normal…

Did I mention that its usually healthier?

Besides all that, this recipe is oh-so-yummy, so I know you’ll love it as much as Boystown does.  Trust me.

Grampa’s Dry Rice Soup (Sopa Seca de Arroz) (Spanish Rice)

1 cup UNCOOKED rice

1 clove garlic

1/2 cup olive oil

2 tbsp minced onion (I use 1 small onion, minced)

3 tbsp tomato sauce

2 1/4 cups BOILING water (you can use chicken broth)

salt and pepper to taste

***I also add 1/2 a jalapeno, seeded and minced***

Brown garlic in oil, remove from pan, and throw away.  DO NOT USE MINCED GARLIC!  Trust me.  I know some of us are fond of our garlic, but if you add minced garlic, it will burn and taste nasty.

Add the rice and fry it until its golden brown

Not my picture, but this is what ‘golden brown’ looks like.  Just thought you should know.





Add onion, tomato sauce, jalapeno (if you choose), boiling water (or broth), season and  cover tight.

Cook slowly on LOW for 30 minutes.


Ok, now, take your rice and eat it.  Whether or not you wait for your family is up to you.  Whether or not you eat it alone or with the beans and Chili Verde I gave you the recipes for is also up to you.  Heck, taking the dish and eating it in the confines of the closet is also up to you- weird, and could send out warning signs that you should seek help- but highly justifiable to anyone who tastes this.  Trust me.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome. 🙂