Best of Boystown

My writing is like my baby- I put a lot of time and thought into each post and nurture it to its full potential.  However, unlike my kiddos, I DO have favorites, lol.  Think of this as your Mapquest to the different sights and destinations that Boystown has to offer.


The Greatest Diet Plan EVER! -Written after I had the Mini Master, there’s a chance this piece shows my lack of sleep… and sanity.

Ah, the sounds of nature -Hey, National Geographic- just wondering when you’re going to come and write on a REAL herd of wild animals.

Its just a dent- it’ll buff out -Kids are like Saturns- dent resistant panels?  Check.

Living with kids- its not for the weak -Rereading this makes me shudder… then again, looking at WHY I wrote it makes me go into horrified convulsions.

The things we say… -Sometimes I’m JUST as surprised as the rest of the world at what comes out of my mouth.

Public Service Announcement -I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to stupidity.

Labels -I’ve got so many hats, I could open a hat shop.

I Miss You -Written to my first angel baby, Christopher, on the 2 year anniversary of his death.

Sacred Moments -How and why I’m able to get through my day sometimes.





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